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Todeca S.A.U. began its activity as a supplier of chemical products in 1974, as a company distributor of Bayer chemical products in Spain. Throughout these years, our will of providing the best product and offering the best customer service, have led the company to adapt its organization and professionalize its services to the point of distributing its own products and those of multiple companies strong> for all sectors of industry. Our geographical scope of sales began in Spain but our experience in the distribution of chemical products has made us grow internationally, currently having a portfolio of clients spread all over the world, who value the quality and suitability of the products we supply them as well as our willingness to serve, without forgetting the most appropriate logistics for their needs.

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It is an aerosol product based on liquid silicone, suitable for industrial and domestic use in different applications, its silicone spray presentation and wide range of functionalities offer multiple advantages

800 ml.
Regular and homogeneous layer

  • Physiologically odourless, colorless and transparent
  • Powerful non-stick effect that achieves an effective separating power between surfaces
  • Highly durable, especially in molds with cuts and notches
  • Lubricant spray for all types of machinery and industrial tools
  • Non-adherent in sectors such as rubber and plastic
  • Effective mold release helper
  • Silicone spray suitable as a surface polish
  • Water repellant
  • Noise and squeak dampener
  • Widely used as a release agent, perfect as silicone for molds


High stability and high performance synthetic oils used as heat exchangers, with a wide range of temperatures and application areas. MARLOTHERM supplier

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  • Designed for indirect cooling, production heating and energy conversion and recovery processes. It ensures correct operation in temperature ranges from -90°C to 360°C. Each Product is formulated according to its use in pressurized or low pressure systems. Our range of thermal oil products help to obtain safe operations, with less cost and with reduced maintenance of the systems.
    Some of the thermal oils that we supply:
  • MARLOTHERM SH: Non-pressurized systems, efficient between -5°C and 350°C
  • MARLOTHERM LH: Pressurized or vapor phase systems, efficient between -30°C and 360°C
  • MARLOTHERM N: Non-pressurized systems, economical, Efficient between -10°C and 300°C

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Wide range of silicone fluids in various viscosities that have a combination of properties that provide superior performance in a wide variety of applications

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  • Release agents, lubricants, antioxidants, hydraulic and dielectric fluids
  • Power transmission, thermal transfer, springs and liquid dumpers
  • Paint additives and coatings, textile finishes
  • Range of silicones in industrial quality and pharmacy
  • Standard silicone fluids and custom silicone fluids
  • Antifoam compounds and amino functional fluids
  • Emulsions and formulations
  • Antifoam emulsions


Water is a vital resource either in production processes or in water supply, due to this we have a wide range of products for its treatment, improvement or conditioning in different areas.

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  • Biocides, coagulants or flocculants
  • Corrosion inhibitors, deposit control, fuel additives
  • Membrane treatment, metal passivation, oxygen scavengers
  • Scale inhibitors, bacterial nutrients
  • Defoamers, dust Control
  • Bio-augmentation of bacteria, inhibitors, neutralizers or odor eliminators
  • Sludge dewatering improvement

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TODECA S.A.U. with its extensive network of collaborators, it has the possibility of providing a wide variety of products suited to your needs and advising with its extensive experience in the supply chain, with the desire to be your best chemical product distribution company.

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  • We search our network of collaborators
  • We search around the world
  • We select the best logistics for transport
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Distributor company of chemical products since 1974


As a company that distributes chemical products, our commercial team is always available to our customers and users, in order to be able to inform them and answer any questions. If you do not find what you are looking for in our product catalogue, our sales team will contact you to try to understand your needs and offer you the most appropriate product and service for your needs.
The products presented in this section have the character merely enunciative, you can contact us in any of the ways that we put at your disposal, in order to be able to complement the information and serve you in a more complete and personal way.

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