About Us

About Us

TODECA, S.A.U. began its activity in 1973, as a family business distributing Chemical Products to various sectors of the national and international market, linked in its beginnings as an official distributor in Spain of the German firm Bayer.

After an agreement between group Bayer and General Electric the joint venture General Electric Bayer was founded with a specific orientation towards the silicone market. After said shareholding change, it was renamed Momentive. TODECA, S.A.U. continued distributing products from said company.

Currently we are Distributors of various international firms and chemical products, oriented to different sectors, and we have commercial agreement contracts with other supplier companies (manufacturers and/or marketers) both in Europe and Asia for Spain-Portugal, North Africa and Spanish-speaking countries of a wide range of chemical products. At the same time, we are manufacturers of our own products, such as TODESIL®.

TODECA, S.A.U. It is implemented throughout the peninsular territory (Spain and Portugal), with a growing export activity to practically the entire world, having continued commercial purchase-sale relationships (customers + partners).

Storage and distribution are managed by a specialized and international logistics operator, achieving greater efficiency in customer service and cost reduction. Despite the low margins of some of the products marketed (commodities), TODECA, S.A.U., It has a firm cost control policy to increase its competitiveness.

Regarding its sales structure, in addition to the sales department itself, it has very close collaboration with different sales agents, who perform their role before, during and after the sale with technical advice.

We are approved and certified according to the standard UNE-ISO 9001:2015, among other standards.

We collaborate continuously with Universities and approved Chemistry and Product Engineering Laboratories.

Competitive advantages that TODECA, S.A.U. brings:

  • Our presence, with solid experience in the market due to the age of the company
  • Our reduced structure, and therefore, very involved in achieving its objectives, provides agile strategic decision-making for the company and rapid response to our clients
  • Our ability to adapt to the supply of products regardless of the type of company that requires it, even in those cases in which very specific products or products tailored to the client are required
  • The quality of the products supplied, always proven for their effectiveness in performance and high performance
  • Our ability to provide the most appropriate products in each case, at competitive prices
  • Thanks to its long presence in the market, it has a solid relationship with its clients and supplier-collaborators and a good knowledge of the market, a circumstance reinforced by its way of working, prioritizing fast, effective service and customer service

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact us at comercial@todeca.com. We will be happy to help and advise you.
The team of TODECA