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Learn about TODESIL® effective release agent, your new industrial ally

Learn about TODESIL® effective release agent

your new industrial ally

In the plastic injection industry, silicone sprays are used as mold release agents. These sprays are popular due to their lubricating properties, which facilitate the separation of molded plastic from the molds without damaging the final product. Silicone is effective for this purpose because it is chemically inert, does not react with most plastic materials, and can withstand high temperatures, which is common in these types of industrial processes. Additionally, silicone sprays generally leave a very smooth surface. and can be applied in thin, even layers, helping to preserve the fine details of the mold.

Why use a silicone spray as a mold release agent?
Facilitates the release of molded parts from molds, improving process efficiency and product quality

Product advantages:

  • Improvement in Process Efficiency
  • High Thermal Resistance
  • Does not react with plastics
  • Improved Surface Finish

Key Customer Benefits:

  • Reduction of Operating Costs
  • Increase in Product Quality
  • Versatility
  • Ease of Use

Learn about TODESIL effective release agent your new industrial ally

Compared to other demolding methods, we highlight that silicone spray is superior in terms of efficiency, safety and quality.

Maximize Quality and Efficiency in Plastic Release with TODESIL®

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