• Heat transfer fluids: an essential ally for the industry

    Heat transfer fluids: an essential ally for the industry

    Heat transfer fluids, such as Marlotherm, are fluids specially designed to transfer heat efficiently in a wide range of industrial applications. These oils offer numerous advantages over other heat transfer methods, such as water or steam, making them an indispensable tool for various sectors.

    What are thermal oils?

    Thermal fluids are mineral or synthetic-based liquids that are characterized by their high thermal stability, resistance to oxidation and ability to operate at elevated temperatures (up to 350°C). These properties make them ideal for acting as heat carriers in closed pressurized systems.

    Advantages of thermal oils:

    • Energy efficiency: As heat transfer fluids, they have high thermal conductivity, which allows for more efficient heat transfer than other fluids. This translates into lower energy consumption and a reduction in CO2 emissions.
    • Versatility: Heat transfer fluids can be used in a wide variety of industrial applications, from the chemical and petrochemical industries to the food, textile and paper industries.
    • Safety: Thermal oils are generally safe to handle, requiring careful management and specialized knowledge to minimize the risks associated with their use.
    • Durability: Heat transfer fluids have a long life, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

    heat transfer fluids an essential ally for the industry

    Applications of thermal oils:

    • Process heating: Thermal oils are used to heat various materials and products in industrial processes such as asphalt production, textile manufacturing, and food processing.
    • Steam generation: As good heat transfer fluids, they can be used to feed steam boilers, which allows obtaining high quality steam for different applications.
    • Heat recovery: Thermal fluid can be used to recover waste heat from industrial processes, contributing to energy efficiency and sustainability.

    Marlotherm: A reference in thermal oils

    Marlotherm is a leading brand in the manufacture of high quality thermal oils. The Marlotherm range of products offers specific solutions for the needs of each industry, guaranteeing optimal performance and long life.

    Thermal oils or thermal fluids are an essential tool for modern industry and due to their efficiency, versatility and safety make them the best option for heat transfer in a wide range of applications.

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