Silicones are an essential product for our modern society, helping to implement all technological improvements, not unrelated to this, at Todeca we are distributors and suppliers of silicone and basic silicone products, which are produced by natural products such as silicon, oxygen, carbon and hydrogen, form very stable polymers that are resistant to sunlight, humidity, exposure to chemical substances or the passage of time, which is why they are used to manufacture many of the products we use daily in areas such as:

Within silicones we include groups of high-performance materials that include silanes, siloxanes and silicone polymers, from which silicone products are derived, whose properties and characteristics provide the technical feasibility and economic efficiency of many of the products with which we have daily contact.

According to data from companies in the industry for the year 2013, the silicone manufacturing industry moves approximately €10 billion globally with 2,122,000 tons of silicone formulated products sold, with average profits of 28%, which indicates the growing importance of this industry in the global market. It is an industry with a lot of innovation and high rates of research and development that reach €419 million, with the aim of obtaining new formulations, properties and areas of application.

A Viscosity for Every Need


Silicones are widely used in the transport sector and allow the design and use of advanced components, extending useful life, improving passenger safety, reducing the gross weight of the vehicle and allowing more moderate, more efficient and more ecological consumption.
They allow a more efficient and easy manufacture of components for transport, reducing application, manufacturing and human costs, as well as easy handling, it is worth highlighting silicone as a release agent in the manufacture of tires or rubber components, for this purpose Todeca has silicones in fluid or emulsion, in different viscosities and/or characteristics.


Product Name Appearance Solid Content Attributes Applications
TDC 46 EM Milky white liquid ~40% Dilutable release agent
TDC 400 EM Milky white liquid 40% Ready to use release agent Ready to use release agent
TDC 400A EM Milky white liquid 20% Economical Ready to use release agent
TDC 4001 EM Milky white liquid 40% Low particle size Ready to use release agent
TDC 6001 EM Milky white liquid 60% Low particle size Dilutable release agent
TDC 60 EM Milky white liquid ~60% 350 cst base PDMS Dilutable release agent
TDC 61 EM Milky white liquid ~60% 1000 cst base PDMS Dilutable release agent


Product Name Appearance Refractive Index Attributes Viscosity
TDC 10 CST Clear colourless 1.4 PDMS Fluid: Shine/polishing agent 10
TDC 100 CST Clear colourless 1.402 PDMS Fluid: Shine/polishing agent 100
TDC 200 CST Clear colourless 1.405 PDMS Fluid: Shine/polishing agent 200
TDC 350 CST Clear colourless 1.405 PDMS Fluid: Shine/polishing agent 350
TDC 1000 CST Clear colourless 1.405 PDMS Fluid: Shine/polishing agent 1000
TDC 12500 CST Clear colourless 1.405 PDMS Fluid: Shine/polishing agent 12500
TDC 60000 CST Clear colourless 1.405 PDMS Fluid: Shine/polishing agent 60000
TDC 100000 CST Clear colourless 1.405 PDMS Fluid: Shine/polishing agent 100000
TDC 1000000 CST Clear colourless 1.405 PDMS Fluid: Shine/polishing agent 1000000
TDC (costumer needs) Clear colourless 1.405 PDMS Fluid: Shine/polishing agent As per request
silicone in transport

Silicone sealants used on windows from the 1980s still work today

silicone in construction


The durability of silicone products for construction are often twice that of traditional materials, as a consequence of which the cost of maintenance in the medium and long term is reduced. Silicone-based additives or coatings can reduce the permeability of materials by up to 80%, significantly reducing or not allowing the degradation of building materials.
Buildings with silicone-sealed glass structures improve their impermeability and improve energy efficiency, not allowing unnecessary heat or cold losses. There are even studies that highlight that impregnating bricks with silicone considerably reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Todeca with his partners has developed several ranges of products to meet the needs of silicones in the demanding area of construction.


Product Name Appearance Substrate Attributes Viscosity
TDC RX 22 Clear transparent liquid Admix in gypsum / cement Reactive Si-H fluid that gives a hydrophobic finish 100-200
TDC AQUASEAL 41 Amber yellow liquid Coating on natural stone / cement Reactive Potassium Methyl Silioconate for a hydrophobic finish NA


Product Name Appearance Solid content Type Attributes
TDC CERAGUARD Clear transparent liquid ~100% SiH type reactive fluid Oil formulation for stain resistance on tiles
TDC EM 290 Milky white emulsion 35-40% Silane/siloxane reactive emulsion Water based dilutable water-repellent coating for spray/brush
TDC 290 RTU Clear yellow liquid 7-10% Reactive silane/siloxane in solvent Solvent based ready to use high performance water repellent
TDC SEAL 100 Clear viscous liquid NA Reactive siloxane Film forming water repellent finish for walls/joints
TDC EMR 52 Milky white emulsion 46-52% SiH fluid emulsion Produces cross linking water repellent film

You would think that Silicones are necessary for a large part of Personal care products


Personal care products benefit from the extraordinary properties of silicones in products such as deodorants, hair products, sunscreens, skin care and makeup products, where they are used as a solvent and as a carrier, due to their good properties of wetting and spreadability that guarantee softness and good uniformity.
Makeup retains its luminosity and color thanks to silicones, and shampoos and conditioners give hair more body, shine and softness.
Silicones as a component of personal care products also have benefits such as long shelf life and resistance to bacteria.


Product Name Appearance Solid content Attributes Applications
TDC EM 60 Milky white liquid ~60% PDMS fluid emulsion Silicone formulation base
TDC EMR 4222 Milky white liquid 30% Cationic silicone emulsion Hair care / conditioning
TDC SIMETHICONE 30% Milky white liquid ~30% Activated dimethicone emulsion Defoaming

Fluids / Surfactants

Product Name Appearance Attributes Viscosity Volatile Content
TDC DIMETHICONE Clear transparent liquid Pharma grade PDMS fluids 200/350/1000 Less than 0.3%
TDC 145 Clear transparent liquid Cyclodecamethylpentasiloxane (D5) >1 Above 99%
TDC 1441 Clear transparent liquid D4 D5 Dimethiconol blend 4000-8000 83-86%
TDC 1451 Clear transparent liquid D5 Dimethiconol blend 4000-8000 83-86%
TDC 7300 Amber colour liquid PEG 12-Dimethicone surfactant 150-400 N.A.
TDC 1453 Clear Smooth silky feel ~2500 <5%
silicone in personal care
silicones in industrial processes


Silicones are intensively used in industrial processes in differente roles as lubricants, defoamers, coatings, paint additives or sealants resistant to high pressures, temperatures and corrosion, with the addition of their applicability to all types of surfaces.
They are suitable as additives in a wide variety of polymers or as hydraulic fluid and due to their properties of resistance to corrosion and high temperatures they reduce the periods between maintenance as well as unscheduled stops.


Product Name Appearance Cloud Point Attributes Viscosity
TDC 703 Amber colour liquid above 60 C ETC surfactant additive 150-400
TDC 730 Amber colour liquid above 80 C ETP surfactant additive 150-400

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