TODECA profile

TODECA profile

TODECA, S.A.U. is a Barcelona-based trading company founded in 1974.

Since its inception, the company has distributed products from the main companies worldwide, such as Bayer, Hüls, Sasol, Momentive,… and maintains commercial agreements with manufacturers and marketers of a wide range of chemical products.

It markets more than 235 references of chemical products, the most important lines being Thermal Oils (Heat transfer fluids), Silicones and their derivatives, from oils of the entire range of viscosities to Emulsions and other products considered Specialties and Fine Chemicals.

TODECA, S.A.U. was not limited to the Spanish and Portuguese markets, combining this factor with a growing export activity to practically the whole world.

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TODECA, S.A.U. is a company with a great experience in the market, and an agile decision making. Its long presence in the market means that it has a solid relationship with its costumers and suppliers-collaborators and a good knowledge of the market, a circumstance reinforced by its way of working, prioritizing fast, efficient service and customer service.

The distribution and storage area is the responsibility of a specialized company, providing TODECA with greater efficiency in customer service and cost reduction for that item. In terms of its sales structure, in addition to the department itself, it has a very close collaboration with different commercial agents (technicians in the field), who perform their duties before, during and after the sale with technical advice.

We have extensive experience in the Logistics and International Trade sector, and we collaborate continuously with Universities, Collaboration with the Chemical and Product Engineering Laboratory (EUTIB).

As an added value, the company supplies chemical products to all types of industry according to the specific needs of each costumer.

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact us at We will be happy to help and advise you.
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