Todesil industrial lubricant

Todesil industrial lubricant

Non-stick Todesil is packaged in an 800 ml capacity aerosol (spray) and packed in boxes of 12 units and on pallets of 56 boxes.


The active ingredient of the product is a physiologically odorless, colorless and transparent silicone oil that takes advantage of its non-stick characteristic, making it much more effective compared to other conventional products. As a propellant it contains a CFC-free LPG, which is why it incorporates the labeling of a flammable product.

Instructions for use:

At room temperature, an extremely fine and uniform silicone dispersion is obtained.
Apply at 30 cm to achieve a regular and homogeneous film.
A single application of the silicone spray is usually enough.
The application can be done with the container in any position.

Specific uses for the plastic injection industry:

Improves the surface gloss and scratch resistance of plastic parts.
It improves the sliding capacity, achieving a smooth surface in the extrusion of thermoplastics (tubes and profiles) by spraying the lips of the die or nozzle.
In plastic welding (hot sealing) to prevent sticking to the plastic.
With works such as drilling, milling, cutting and sawing of plastics and other materials (where chips appear) to improve the sliding of the tool used in the material.
The lubricant spray is used to obtain a good sliding effect between plastics or between plastic and other materials.
In the sewing of plastic fabrics, applying Todesil on the sewing table, it causes a better slip.
In the ironing of plastic fabrics with other layers, preventing the plates previously treated with Todesil from sticking to it.
As a powerful protector of molds in the thermoplastic industry.

todesil lubricant for gears

In the injection molding process, it is recommended that the silicone film applied should not be too thick when creating uneven surfaces, it is an effective release agent. For this reason, the use of Todesil non-stick industrial lubricant is important, with an excellent separating effect, due to the spraying of a thin and uniform film.

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