Todesil Multipurpose

TODESIL® Universal multi-purpose spray PRO-400 ml

todesil multipurpose aerosol

Since more than 30 years, TODESIL® is a proprietary trademark registered by TODECA, with total control of the entire manufacturing process and product quality. Its active ingredient is a silicone oil, physiologically odorless, colorless and transparent. As a propellant it contains a CFC-free LPG, which does not damage the ozone layer.

Ideal for production areas and for industrial maintenance in all types of applications, it is a MULTIPURPOSE product for the industry.

It is packaged in a 520 cc capacity spray bottle. Packaged in boxes of 12 units, up to pallets of 84 boxes.

It contains a 2 in 1 directional diffuser to achieve more efficiency in each application of its use. Easy and comfortable to apply even in hard-to-reach areas.

This silicone-based spray is also valid for protecting and repelling all electrical or mechanical components and finishes against salt spray, water, ice or humidity.

Properties to consider:

  • Does not stain (Anti-drip)
  • does not smell
  • Colorless
  • Transparent
  • Translucent
  • Does not leave oily elements

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todesil multiusos spray propiedades

  • Lubricates all types of machinery and industrial tools
  • Very effective degreaser
  • Preserves and extends the useful life of treated parts and machinery, with only a small application
  • Covers and protects all types of surfaces; especially metal, plastic, rubber and wood with a thin film, regular and homogeneous and completely uniform
  • Polishes all types of surfaces (metal, plastic, leather, rubber, wood, nickel, …)
  • Prevents rust and corrosion
  • Repels and protects against water and other liquids, ice, humidity or even salt, dust and sand. Protects all types of painted, chromed, anodized and other surface treatments
  • waterproofs surfaces
  • Provides electrical insulation effect
  • Prevents squeaks in hinges, joints, springs, bolts, rails, metal shutters, sliding doors, drawers, machinery parts, …, eliminates squeaks that are produced by plastics, rubbers and metals
  • Facilitates sliding between surfaces
  • Highly durable, with a single application
  • If it is used for cleaning, it can be rubbed with a microfiber cloth to remove the remains

Powerful non-stick effect that achieves an extraordinary separating and insulating power between surfaces.
Very useful and effective for industrial areas, maintenance applications, demoulding of parts and sectors in general such as plastics, rubber, chemicals, machinery, nautical, capital goods, automotive and workshops.

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