Water treatment

Water treatment

Water systems need a specific chemical and physical balance in any of their innumerable uses, human, industrial, agricultural or environmental, this balance is very easily broken by a multitude of agents such as microorganisms, fibers, foams, chemical spills, particles, etc..
In TODECA we offer a wide variety of products for water treatment, its pathologies and its conditioning.

Water conditioning using biocides

Microorganisms can cause numerous problems in aqueous systems, including slime deposits, microbiologically induced corrosion, unpleasant odors, and hazardous gases. Similarly, they can cause degradation of raw materials and affect the stability and safety of a finished product.

Fungus inhibitors

Water treatment bacteria
Water treatment defoamers

Water treatment using defoamers

Air trapped in the fiber and surface foam can cause quality, production and environmental problems. We offer a full range of specially formulated products that minimize the detrimental effects of trapped air, surface foam, and surfactant-stabilized foam.

Hydrocarbon oil-based defoamers
Vegetable oil-based defoamers
Silicone-based defoamers
Water-based defoamers
Water-extended defoamers

Deposit control – Scale inhibitors

Organic deposits and inorganic scale can cause many problems, including lost production, increased maintenance and energy costs, poor product quality, and unscheduled production stoppages.
We offer a full range of water treatment products to control the deposition of system contaminants and the formation of virtually any type of scale, as well as a wide range of products to remove existing scale from reservoirs.
The experience in both applications and industrial processes, together with a complete line of proven chemical treatments, ensure that the client receives solutions completely customized to their deposit control needs.

Cleaning products Scale inhibitors
Corrosion inhibitors Stabilizers
Adhesion removers Surface passivators
Dispersants Surfactants

Water treatment scale
Water treatment boilers

Boiler water treatment

To ensure optimal performance and safety of boiler and steam systems, it is imperative that corrosion, deposition and boiler water carryover are proactively addressed. Boiler treatment programs combine application expertise with edge tecnology chemicals to address these problems and the multitude of inconveniences they can cause.
The products we provide can help whether the goal is to improve production, extend equipment life, or to protect plant assets.

Corrosion inhibitors
Deposit control agents
Petroleum fuel additives
Membrane treatments
Metal passivators
Oxygen scavenger

Cooling water treatment

When corrosion, deposition, and microbiological growth occur in a cooling water system, it can lead to flow restrictions, reduced operating efficiency, increased maintenance costs, and unscheduled shutdowns. To help maintain the reliability and performance of refrigeration systems.
We offer a complete line of chemical treatments that work at different pH levels and with different chemical compositions of the water.

Corrosion inhibitors
Deposit control agents
Scale inhibitors

Water treatment cooling
Water treatment effluents

Effluent treatment

As environmental regulations become more restrictive, improving the performance of a wastewater system becomes even more critical. To help customers achieve their environmental and operational goals, we have one of the most advanced and comprehensive product lines for wastewater treatment, as well as a wide range of customer-focused services that help ensure optimal operation of wastewater systems, can provide cost-effective solutions to help remove contaminants, minimize sludge handling and disposal costs, recycle or reuse effluents, and improve wastewater quality.

Bacterial nutrients Odor inhibitors
Bacterial bio-augmentation technologies Odor neutralizers
Coagulants Odor eliminators
Defoamers Sludge dewatering polymers
Dust control products

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